Is it really necessary?

The South African government has recently launched a range of condoms called Max. The launch occurred on June 24 in Pietermaritzburg, KZN where Dr Aaron Motsoaledi the minister of health did the presentation.

condom launch.jpg
Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, in Peitermaritzburg at the launch (file, News24)

Max  condoms are said to give maximum pleasure since there were complains about the smell and the sound of the 10 year old Choice government condoms. The newly condom brand is available in four scented brands: banana yellow, red, regular blue and grape purple. Thus this was said to give that ‘maximum pleasure’ behind the name Max condoms.

The activities of the launch of this condom was to reduce HIV, teenage pregnancy, school drop-out, and gender-based violence among young women and adolescent girls.

There are more social issues to be concerned about, like the girls who do not have sanitary pads and have to miss school because of that. There is no way to avoid the menstrual cycle but sex can be since it is out of choice and not a circumstance.

Is it really necessary to promote sex rather than education and sanity. The government should be investing in keeping up the education system as it would help create our future leaders. Sanitary pads are a need that not everyone can afford but yet the government invests on free condoms rather than something that really matters.


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