#TheNewSouthAfrica…My Twitter experience

For this project, I chose the politics theme since both my Twitter and blog are politically focused. I chose this theme because politics affects everyone in the society whether the person is into politics or not.

The first article was about Johannesburg’s previous mayor who has been recently appointed to a new and better position. I have identified this article since people would like to know about the end results of the elections since they led to the mayor being replaced by an opposing political party candidate. The article about Tau states what happened.

On the second article, Zuma made a decision for the state by appointing a new public protector. The article was identified since it appeals to the society and making sure they are ready for the oncoming changes to occur in the South African country. Can Zuma’s decision be affective?

President Jacob Zume ( file: News24)

The third article was about the former finance minister Trevor Manual who recently stated that the president should quit his job. It shows that although these two people may be working together, they are not afraid to show their differences in certain issues. 

These links will take a reader to the tweets:

Park’s tweet

Zuma and the public protector

Trevor’s veiw about Zuma

I did not get any response on any of these tweets. The reason might be the number of followers I have on Twitter. And those that I have may be not very much interested in politics.

I would change the way in which I generate my topics by making them sound more interesting so that they can grab more attention.


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